alex fischer

gout & longevity coach


I thought I was following a healthy diet when I had my first gout attack, and the only resources I had were local libraries and writing to the World Health Organization for all known alternative remedies. I went through 20 years of acute attacks in several joints, spending weeks in bed taking far too much aspirin.

The medical community had no solution for me other than offering drugs.

During this time, I sought out many different healing methods and eventually met someone who suggested I discontinue eating grains.

Three months later, all my symptoms disappeared and
I have not had a single flare-up or attack now 20 years later.

In the process of healing, decades of research, experimenting with food and exercise has been
invaluable. If I had known how easy it could have been, many years of suffering would have been avoided.

Your metabolic age can be lowered  by food and lifestyle choices to increase your health span, or total years of being healthy.  Metabolic age is a measure of the efficiency of your metabolism compared to average efficiency. Lowering your metabolic age is predictive of your health span, not just squeaking by.

It matters less if you live to 130 if the last 40 years are spent in hospice care.

How you care for yourself in mid life will determine the quality of the rest of your life.

Together we can discover the necessary steps to experience radiant health, while maintaining the fulfillment of delicious food.